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About the project

Cyber Tunnel was born in summer 2017 during a restyle of
In October 2018, there was a first restyling with many news, videos and training resources.
The news center contains a lot of links to the most interesting articles you can find online from the top cyber security websites.
The video section is a selection of the best information security channels you can find on YouTube. Every day you can find a lot of new videos and watch many talks, conferences and tutorials.
The training page contains the links to the most popular maketplaces, institutes and web platforms that offer great career paths and courses.

About Me

I'm Andrea Fiori, a full stack software developer with a great passion for cyber security. I am just a beginner and I have a LOT of things to learn but I hope this project will be a good web resource for me and at least a group of professional people in this area. Feel free to contact me for any comment or proposal. Enjoy!